Mick West loves to go fast. Very fast. And he is good at it. Nicknamed Speed Racer, his achievements include – SA State Championship Saloon Cars 2005 – Australian Motor Racing Saloon Car Series 2004 – SCC Team Dynamik Champion Series, Saloon Cars. Mick’s home track is the 2.4km Mallala Raceway in South Australia.

The race winning V8 driver is also a business professional, driving instructor, father and is working on his first book.

Mick took a sabbatical from racing to concentrate on his family and his corporate career and is returning to the race track in 2017.

Mick loves to build cars as well as drive them. Mick has piloted various makes of Holden vehicles and contributed meaningfully to their research and development over the years.

The newest addition to Micks personal garage is a Porsche 911. This magnificent machine represents so much of what Mick holds dear. It goes really fast, it is stunning to behold, and it’s engineering is second to none and for one who loves to drive, it is just a dream.

Mick is a proud South Australian and relishes excellent food and wine. Mick loves to spend time enjoying his home state and all it has to offer.

Mick will now consolidate and share his many experiences on a off the track through his book, his speaking engagements and his corporate affiliations.

Mick wants to inspire other car lovers to Cross The Finish Line on the road and in life, encouraging an attitude of being safe, working hard and having a really good time while you are at it!

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